A Quick Solution to Fire Damage


If there’s one force on earth that’s guaranteed to make everyone think twice it’s fire. Whether it’s a small fire that can be contained, or a huge forest fire that’s spreading from location to location; the fact is that it’s as destructive as it is beautiful. So what can be done to protect property from fire so that if the worst was to happen – the goods within would be as protected as possible? Well there are several solutions available, but if it’s portability and durability that’s important to you, then you can’t go wrong with fire protection spray.


When people think of a spray canister, it will typically inspire thoughts of an aerosol can or a deodorant, both of which provide the ability to spray at a distance to provide coverage of whatever contents may be within. That’s exactly what a fire protection spray can offer – exactly what it says on the tin. The contents of the tin may vary between manufacturers, but the purpose remains the same and that’s to expel a fire-resistant chemical that will both coat and cover (transparently) an object, and then protect it from excessive heats that are typically associated with fire.


Fire Protection Video

As the chemicals are entirely transparent, there’s no risk of discoloring property like furniture or hardware like boilers and pipes. The formula is typically quick-drying too, which makes it ideal for spraying over exposed cables and wires that may be prone to fire damage from electrical sparks. One of the biggest benefits is that the spray can seal from within as well as externally, so whether the fire occurs inside the object or outside of it – it will either be contained and extinguished with a lack of air to escape, or restricted from damaging the valuable contents that are being protected by the spray.


As with all sprays and aerosols, there will be a risk to the environment and any use of a fire protective spray should only be done so in a well-ventilated area (as outlined by the Department Of Fire & Emergency Services), but the benefits afforded by using the chemicals in the spray won’t just save money; they’ll go a long way in protecting your property too. All cans can be disposed of after use and they’re easy to get hold of and highly affordable. In many instances, a fire protection spray has actually done more to protect property and items from fire damage than even expensive equipment and fire-retardant sacks have done.


A major benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked is the fact that a spray canister can often reach angles and crevices that other fire-resistant equipment can’t, making it both versatile and effective at what it’s made for. One of the main problems with exterior covers like sacks and sheets when it comes to protecting from fire, is that if they suffer from damage, they might not be as effective as you’d hope. That’s what makes a spray so effective; it can provide an even, uninterrupted coverage that is all but guaranteed to stay sealed. More at http://www.fyrewrap.com.au/