If you have a wooded property, you need to know how to recognize early warning signs of termites. Termites are an invasive species and can cause a lot of damage to your structure. Learn what to look for so you know how to get rid of termites effectively.

House termites come from the subterranean type of termites that subsist in mud tubes and other wood-like masses that serve as their habitat. Their entrance is through a hole or channel in the wood, hence their name, while their exit is through damp and moist areas. You may also see signs of termites in the form of sawdust or saw dust if you look around carefully and especially at odd intervals during the day, especially near wood and mortar joints, especially near water sources such as fountains or even in basements where moisture accumulates due to stagnant water.

There are also telltale signs that help you determine whether or not your home has been infested by termites: check the wood for splinters or wounds caused by the chewing of wood or the chipping out of wood. Termites also seek out damp wood for their nests. You can use a scratch awl to search for such holes, but be sure you don’t use one that has been damaged or broken. It’s also important to check the interior of any hollow or cavity wood for mud tubes that house the termites. Finally, check the inside of any exposed wood on your property for wood debris, softwood cellulose or other signs that you might have termites: small piles of wood pieces or wood chips of varying colors, tiny specks of mud or discolored wood, and holes or pores in the wood they inhabit.