Building Inspections – Why Banks Require Them

Buying a new home is exciting, but for a lot of people they have to finance the home. When they start the finance process, people may find the bank requires some type of building inspection before they lend the funds. Some people, though, may end up puzzled as to why the bank requires these inspections, but with some additional information they have a great appreciation as to why the bank needs these inspections.

Inspections often find deficiencies in the homes structure. While most people, when they find their dream home, fall in love, they can overlook some of the problems people have. With the inspection, the inspector does not have the love of the home as the buyer. So people will want to realize the inspector can save them quite a bit of money because they can spot potential major issues with the home.

Inspection of all the different faculties of the home helps people avoid encountering major cost problems right away. While most people will turn on the air conditioner or furnace and hear them run, they may not look closer than that. By taking time and actually looking at these items, the inspector can start to notice if the furnace or air conditioner is operating properly or if they have issues with these items after the purchase is completed. However, the inspector may even tell people more about the problems of the unit to see how much it cost them.

Water pipes may seem like they are intact, but for quiet a few people they just look at the local pipes without crawling under the home. The inspector, though, tends to crawl under the home and check out the pipes that are hidden under the home and makes sure no leaks are present. Something else the inspector will do is check to see if the pipes are up to the local code and standard for plumbing.

Inspection of the building structure is important for the inspector to do. While most people, as mentioned before gets the blindness from the love of the home, the inspector will look at all the elements that are holding the home up. These elements when properly inspected make sure the home does not have any major structural issues that will lead the home to collapse.

Roofs are one of the most important, but often overlooked elements of a home. When people have an inspection done, the roof is generally going to be inspected as well. This way the new home owner will know if the roof is safe and sound or if they will need to get a new roof on the home soon.

Buying a home is a great thing to do. However, people often will look at the home and fall right in love with it. This creates the problem of the new home owner overlooking some of the most basic elements of the home. Since the banks are aware of the home owners overlook, they often require a building inspection. Which can upset some people, until they realize why they need to have the inspection completed. Joe Nahas Consturction